Staying Safe this Summer – Working in the heat

Working in the heat? Need some assistance in how to manage the risk’s?

Safe Work Australia has just released a new Guide to managing the risk of working heat (link below).

Heat can affect both indoor and outdoor workers, people in control of a workplace all have a duty under work health and safety laws to manage risks to worker health and safety, such as working in heat.

The Guide provides practical guidance for a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) on how to manage the risks associated with working in heat and information on what to do if a worker begins to suffer from a heat-related illness.

The Guide addresses heat that poses a direct risk to a worker’s health and safety, such as heat which may cause heat-related illness. For information on thermal comfort – that is, whether a worker is comfortable at a particular temperature – see the Code of Practice: Managing the Work Environment and Facilities.

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